Low-Slope Roof Systems

Roofs with a pitch of, or less than, 2.5”/12” are considered low-slope roofs. There are dozens of different materials and methods of installation for low-slope roofs, however most low-slopes have some type of modified bitumen cap sheet installed with torch or hot asphalt - some are even self-adhered. We recommend installing a modified bitumen roof system with hot asphalt because it is the most versatile and effective method that we have seen. This roof system can be installed for both residential and commercial applications, and a well maintained modified bitumen roof system can last you approximately 15-20 years before your first leak. Monarch Roofing Inc. specializes in the application of hot asphalt, modified bitumen roof membranes.

Hot asphalt applications have been used since the 1960’s and are still used today because they work! Our installation consists of a minimum 3 layers system– the base sheet, the ply sheet, and the cap sheet. You can add ply sheets and cap sheets to improve the system, or you can simply upgrade to better quality cap sheets. Insulation can also be used for improved cooling and for proper drainage of ponding water. Together, these components work to make your roof waterproof.

Additionally, 100% Silicone roof coatings can be installed after a minimum of 3 years after the initial installation. These silicone coatings can improve building cooling and add roof life to the existing roof. All new roofs come with a seven-year workmanship warranty as of the date of completion. Upon request we offer alternative roof systems.