Tile Roof Systems

Tile roofs are our favorite projects because the transformation is always jaw dropping. We offer tiles from some of the best manufacturers – Boral, Entegra, Eagle, and Forterra. Within these manufacturers you will definitely find the right tile for your property. More importantly, we will make sure that you get the most out of your investment by using the best installation practices.

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Beneath the tiles will be two layers of protection against water intrusion (Basesheet & Rolled Roofing). Hot asphalt is used to fasten the last layer to seal any roof punctures. We do not fasten the tiles by nail. Instead, we use polyfoam – a strong adhesive that saves your new roof from nail punctures.

Once the roof is installed you wont be disappointed. All new tile roofs with hot-asphalt application come with a seven-year workmanship warranty as of the date of completion. Alternatively, self-adhered underlayment can be used. Self-adhered tile underlayment systems have a five year workmanship warranty and a 30-year limited manufacture warranty.