Residential construction is any construction taking place at a place of residence, typically taking place at a single-family home, duplex, or townhouse. The buildings themselves are usually no higher than 30 ft. which will exclude your typical condominium.

These types of projects are typically done directly with the homeowner or property manager representing the homeowner. Since this project takes place at the place of residence, the tenant or homeowner does not need to vacate the property, but in some cases may need to vacate the property.

After a consultation with the contractor, the homeowner will plan a strategy with the contractor to create a timeline and set expectations. As with all our projects, required engineering, architectural plans, permits etc. will be acquired as necessary and the project phases will be planned. Materials will be ordered to speed up the timeline and work will commence when permits are secured.

As with all out projects, there are many factors that can extend a project timeline such as bad weather or material delays. Sometimes home owners associations can add obstacles too, but we do our best to stick to the timeline so that we can finish the project.

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