General FAQ

Do you charge for estimates?

We provide free estimates to all municipalities of Broward County and most areas in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade county. Call (954) 426-8050 to set up an appointment.

How do I know if I need a new roof or a repair?

You may need a new roof after noticing frequent roof failures. Wet stains, discoloration on the ceiling, water dripping, curling shingles, spots on the roof, cracks, missing shingles, and rusted or missing flashing are all symptoms of roof failures, but are sometimes due to plumbing or A/C malfunctions. A failing roof is repairable depending on your roof type, design, and age. Typically, property owners call in a 2-3 roofing contractors for their professional opinion, and/or they call an property inspector for a report.  Make sure your contractor is licensed and insured

How long do roofs usually last?

This depends on the type of roof, roof slope, roof materials, their method of installation, and where you live. In South Florida, a well maintained 3-tab and dimensional asphalt shingle roof can last you approximately 10-15 years. Built-Up modified bitumen properly applied in hot asphalt, on low slopes, can last you between 15-20 years. Concrete or clay tiles installed with polyfoam, over 90 pound hot asphalt rolled roofing can last approximately 20-25 years. Durability varies, and many times, roofs are pushed past their expected life with cheap repairs that end up costing property owners more on non-roof related repairs or remedies (e.i. wet insulation & mold build-up).

But the manufacturer says my roof system will last more than 25 years, right?

Correct, but this does not mean your roof will remain like-new for +25 years. Warranties are designed to hold manufacturers  accountable for defective products and to hold contractors accountable for improper installation. Typically these warranties prorate the products after a few years and are very specific in their terms and conditions.

Ensure that you are hiring a contractor who has experience and certification for installing your roof system. Monarch Roofing, Inc. is a Certified CertainTeed SELECT Shingle Master (2015-Present) and has been GAF Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor (2010-2012), GAF ELK Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor (2009-2010) just to name a few.

Why don’t roofs last longer?

Keep in mind your roof is exposed to the south florida weather and climate 24/7. Also, many property owners do not maintain their roof properly, shortening the roof systems life. For example, a pressure cleaning service provider using diluted chlorine to clean your mechanically fastened tile system, or shingle roof system, is not a good idea because the chlorine causes nail corrosion. Monarch Roofing offers maintenance plans that can help you get the most out of your roof system.

How much does a roof repair cost?

Repairs vary in price depending on the scope of work. When shopping for prices you may find different roofing contractors have different solutions to the same problem. Ask any questions you may have and hire a licensed and insured roofing contractor. Pro Tip: Handymen are not roofers.

How much does a new roof cost?

A new roof can be expensive, depending on the roof size, slope, type, and design. However, the most expensive roofs are the ones done wrong. It is important to hire an experienced, licensed and insured roofing contractor to avoid all kinds of problems. When shopping for quotes, know what you are paying for, and compare apples to apples.

How do I know what type of roofing replacement is needed?

Typically property owners replace their roof with the same type of existing roof simply because that was in the intended design of the building. However, depending on the roof design we can offer different roof systems, each with its own set of pros and cons. Monarch Roofing, Inc specializes in Asphaltic Shingle, Concrete/Clay Tile, and Hot Asphalt applications.

Can I install a new roof on top of my old roof?

Theoretically, yes, but this will count as a code violation in South Florida and it will void all manufacturer warranties. It may seem tempting to save yourself time and money re-covering an old roof, but this can cause many issues in the future. You should know that re-covering a roof will cost more money to tear-off than a code compliant roof. Your local building department may force you to hire a roofing contractor to be code compliant. Monarch Roofing, Inc. strongly advises against re-covering old roofs.

Can I do the work myself?

Yes, however, it is not recommended unless you are at least familiar with roofing practices in south Florida. Our building code is very strict, unlike many northern states. Certain restrictions apply to owner/builder projects. Ask your local building department for guidance.

How do I choose the right roofing company?

Set your expectations and meet 2-3 different contractors. Make sure they are licensed and insured. Do a little more research and ask questions. Do not make a decision until you feel comfortable moving forward.

How long does a reroofing job take?

After signing the contract, Monarch Roofing takes approximately 1-2 business days to submit the permit application and all of its components. The city may take between 5-10 business days to approve the application. After approval the project typically takes 5-10 business days to complete the roof.

Do I need to secure any building permits?

Some roofing contractors will ask the homeowner to handle the building permit procedure. Monarch Roofing will meet with you to go over all the necessary paperwork. In most cases, after the paperwork is signed, Monarch will apply for the building permit and notify the property owner of the approval. Monarch provides you with the paperwork at the completion of the project.

Do I need to be home when the work is being performed on my home?

It is not necessary for someone to remain home when the work is being performed so long as (1) the scope of work is clear, (2) there is access to the work specified, and (3) there is access to electricity and water. Also, payment arrangements should be made before job starts.

Should I take off time from work when the roof repairs are scheduled?

We strongly recommend someone be home for repairs in case more damage than expected is discovered (i.e. deck wood is severely damaged).

Is there anything I need to do before the roofing company starts?

If you are doing a re-roof, we strongly recommend you cover your belongings beneath the ceilings of the uppermost floors since the movement above can cause dust to linger in the rooms. Mark sprinklers and any other accesories in the lawn should be removed. Roof accessories such as solar panels should also be removed. Cover your pool. Make arrangements for your pets. They may not like seeing, and hearing, strangers tear apart your house. Have payment ready for the contractor and keep the driveway clear for dumpster access.

Do you have a supervisor on the job at all times?

Yes. Our supervisor’s priorities are safety and a job-well-done.

Do my solar panels have to be removed to install the new roof?

Yes. Solar panels and any additional roof accessories need to be removed prior to commencing the job. This may not be necessary in repair work. Arrangements should be made as soon as the deal is signed to avoid delays.

What do you do with the old roofing waste?

The old roof waste is disposed of at authorized waste locations throughout Broward county. Monarch Roofing makes sure our team maintains a clean working environment throughout the job duration. Each day they will arrive with a dump truck and a cleaning crew. No dumpster is ever kept overnight.


How do I know what type of roofing shingles is best for my roof and my budget?

In truth, every contractor will have their own opinion about the “best” products. All shingles are relatively the same price and deliver the same performance (e.i. CertainTeed, GAF, Owens Corning etc.). Each manufacturer offers slightly different colors and styles.

What are the differences between shingle types?

There are dozens of different styles of asphaltic shingles. Most property owners choose 3-tab shingles (the most economic) and architectural / dimensional shingles. There are more styles but prices start to get closer to that of tile roofing systems. Call to speak with one of our specialists about different shingle types – (954) 426-8050

Do light colored shingles last longer than dark shingles?

Yes. Lighter colors, not just in shingles, help reflect sunlight and reduce surface temperature. Darker colors create higher surface temperatures and bake the components of the material during the day, and cool at night. This constant temperature high and low is not good for your material, nor for your electricity bill.


How do I know what type of roofing tiles is best for my roof and my budget?

As with the shingles, contractor’s opinions will vary. Monarch Roofing uses mainly Boral Roofing Products, Eagle Roofing Products, Forterra Roof Tile, and Entegra Roof Tile adhered with polyfoam. All are great products with competitive prices The best thing to do is find what colors you like and ask for pricesAs with the shingles, contractor’s opinions will vary. Monarch Roofing uses mainly Boral Roofing Products, Eagle Roofing Products, Forterra Roof Tile, and Entegra Roof Tile adhered with polyfoam. All are great products with competitive prices The best thing to do is find what colors you like and ask for prices.

What are the differences between tile types?

The majority of roof tiles are made of concrete or clay. Usually, concrete tile is more economic. Clay tiles tend to be more fragile and more expensive. Both can be found in south FL but what it comes down to is taste. We offer many styles. Call to speak with one of our specialists about different tile options – (954) 426-8050


Will I have to replace gutters and downspouts at my roof?

Not necessarily. Replacing your gutters depends on their condition. When a new roof is installed, there is a good chance the gutters will have to be un-installed in certain areas where fascia is replaced. Removing and re-installing the gutters is the owner’s responsibility.


Do you replace water damaged plywood or ledge board when you find it when old roofing is removed?

Yes. Every contract has a wood replacement clause stating we will replace wood at the specified amount. The owner should be well aware that, on average, between $400-$900 are spent on replacing deck wood and fascia. If the wood damage is greater than that, we will notify the owner. The wood must be replaced to qualify the warranty.


What kind of material warranties are available?

Warranties vary. Most 3-tab shingles have a standard 5-10 year warranties and have extended warranties at an additional charge. Dimensional shingles typically have 10-15 year warranties with extended warranties available at an additional charge. Tile roof warranties vary between 20-30 years, depending on the manufacturer.

What is your labor warranty?

Unless the contract specifies otherwise, our labor warranties are as follows: 1-year for repairs, 5-years for self adhered underlayment roof systems, 7-years for hot asphalt applied roof systems. Commercial re-roofs qualify for a 10-year roof warranty for hot asphalt applied roof systems. Our labor warranty is separate from the manufacturer’s warranty.

I had a repair/new-roof done but my roof continues to leak. What now?

The first thing you should do is contact Monarch Roofing to schedule an appointment. Locate all documentation of the job done. Our specialist will determine the cause of the leak, and if the warranty covers the problem. It is our goal to satisfy your needs by meeting your expectations; However, it is not impossible for a leak re-appear. Sometimes, repairs done on a really old roof can cause a leak elsewhere due to the movement on the roof deck. Other times, the leak may have been fixed but the A/C system started to leak near the same area. We guarantee this – we will inspect the situation, and if a leak is running in, through our work, we will fix it free of charge so long as it is within our warranty policy.


Do you offer a residential roof maintenance plan?

Yes, maintenance is recommended only after all repairs are completed. Maintenance plans vary depending on the roof type, slope, height, and design. Maintenance includes cleaning, replacing broken tiles or torn shingles, sealing, and coating. Maintenance is recommended annually after a roof is installed. Call Monarch Roofing for pricing (954) 426-8050

Can I power wash my dirty roof?

Yes, but we recommend it be done without rushing, without using cleaning solutions. Why? Sometimes these solutions have chemicals that may not react well with roof components. Also, be careful of breaking tiles or wearing & tearing shingles. As per warranty policy, attempting to do work, including maintenance work, by anyone other than the contractor voids the warranty. Call Monarch Roofing directly to do all maintenance work.

What can I do about mold or mildew on my roof?

Unfortunately, south Florida is the perfect climate for mold or mildew. It becomes especially annoying to homeowners with white roofs where the roof discoloration may lead to city notices and violations. The only thing to do is to keep the roof clean of leaves, pressure wash the roof and clear-coat the roof as often as possible. Maintenance is recommended once a year. Be sure to take care of these issues before they have a chance of spreading into your home. Mold can lead to several health risks and can be very expensive to rectify.