How long has your company been in business?
Monarch Roofing & Construction Inc. has been in business since April 27th, 2005. We are about to turn 19!
What is your labor warranty for new roofs?

Limited 7-year leak-free contractor warranty for the sloped section of the roof and 5-years for the flat section of the roof, for roof leaks arising from workmanship defects after the date of completion on the sloped roof. This warranty only covers the cost to repair the roof in the damaged area to prevent future roof leaks. Aesthetic perfection cannot be guaranteed with any type of roof repair. This warranty does not cover damages caused by acts of God such as, but not limited to, storms, hurricanes, lightning strikes, tornadoes, hail, etc. This warranty does not cover damages caused by solar roof installations, air conditioning fixtures, pool heating systems, or any other system installed on, or underneath, your roof system, including lighting systems, entertainment systems or holiday decorations. Failing to properly document roof maintenance can result in voiding the warranty. Proper documentation must include an invoice containing the date, time, products used to clean or maintain the roof, with substantial and distinguishable photographs.

When would you be able to schedule my job?
Currently lead times on projects are 45 days + 5-10 days to complete the work. 
How long will my project take (including pulling of permits)?
Permits may take up to 30 days, but we usually get them in 2-3 weeks. Simultaneously we are acquiring roofing material. All this is taking place within our 45 day lead time. Add 5-10 days to execute the project.
Does your estimate include permit fees?
Yes, permit fees are included in roof replacement projects unless otherwise stated in the estimate.
Does your estimate include Secondary Water Resistance?
Yes, secondary water resistance is included in all new roof estimates with the exception of flat roof systems due to building code requirements.
Is replacement of fascia included? Do you have vinyl fascia?
Fascia board is not included. Pricing depends on the size, material type, and the amount. All this is calculated at the on site inspection as a courtesy. Total cost of fascia board can only be determined when we are removing all the fascia board. We can install Vinyls boards provided by the homeowner only if we are replacing all the fascia. The price to do this work can be determined upon the on site inspection. 
Is replacement of plywood/roof decking included?
5 sheets of plywood OR a $500 credit are included in complete new roof replacement projects. The credit may be used for other structural repairs such as fascia board, truss reinforcement, and roof decking.
How will you be checking the condition of the decking on my roof? Will you perform fastener pull-out resistance tests?
The removal of the existing roof system will be a sufficient test of your structural integrity. On average we are removing 5-10 thousand ring shank nails from your average single-family home. If a leak existed, even a small leak, it is possible the water deteriorated small sections of the plywood. The longer the leaks exist, the greater the damage. We have found that structures with CDX 15/32″ plywood tend to have a higher need of wood replacement in comparison to structures with CDX 19/32″ plywood. Structures with tongue and groove boards (nominal 1″) tend to also have higher requirements for structural repairs because those structures have had several roof replacements and the roof structure is nearing the end of its life. In those cases, I often recommend a complete roof resheathing. 
Is there an additional cost to choose a color of metal? What is the cost?
Generally, color does not play a significant part in the cost of the roof, except with metal roofing. Metal roofs start low with non-colored, mill finish panels, and go up in price when you add standard colors. 
Are there any additional fees that you have not mentioned?
We want happy customers, and that means we must be upfront about as much as possible in order to set the expectations. To do this, we must see the project in-person before putting ink on paper. There are a few more items we need to review such as gutters, roof-to-wall connections, ventilation, materials, vehicle access, etc.