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Company Introduction

Company Introduction

Monarch Roofing and Construction started in 2005 as Monarch Roofing Inc, a small, family-owned contractor based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, specializing in residential and commercial roofing. Their services include the removal and installation of asphalt shingle, concrete tile, clay tile, and hot asphalt applied flat roof systems otherwise known as SBS, hot mopped flat roof systems, or built up roofing (BUR).

For over 14 years, our roofing services have been used all around Florida to meet the needs of homeowners and property managers, extending from Palm Coast to Miami.

Today Monarch Roofing and Construction serves primarily in Broward County and Palm Beach County, in cities like Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Pembroke Pines, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Delray Beach, and many more! They have even expanded their line of work into general construction in 2020. The new services will focus on renovations, including impact windows, additions, and new construction. The goal is to continue being an efficient and quality roofing and construction firm in south Florida!

Samuel Huipio, Vice President, Foreman, Expert Roofer

Samuel Huipio, Vice President, Foreman, Expert Roofer

Only 21 years old and with a newborn baby boy, Samuel, knew he had step up and earn a better living. He knew that he and his family would struggle unless he learned the necessary skills to become the best roofer. These were the early 90's, before widespread use of cell phones, high-speed internet, and social media. Back then people had to rely on beepers and pay phones to communicate. There was no YouTube or DIY tutorials to learn anything. That meant you had to be ready to work early, and be prepared to learn, and hope you did not forget something essential or it could mess up your schedule.

For many years Sam worked as a day laborer for many roofing contractors, of which only a few continue to operate. He stood out by picking up new skills that many other workers did not want to learn. It did not take a lot of skill to remove a roof, only stamina, but to dry-in a roof or mop a roof, that took talent. Not very many people wanted to be around a hot kettle and mop, fuming with asphalt, burning at over 400 degrees in the Florida heat. It was a tough job, but one he was willing to accept.

Having learned valuable skills, Sam was able to invest in his own equipment and trucks. His family was doing better and eventually he was given a opportunity to lead a group at a roofing company. Everyday for about 10 years he lead a group of about 6-10 people to remove and replace roof systems all over Florida, and was involved in many new construction projects at the time. By now it was pretty clear roofing was his way of life that allowed him and his family to live comfortably. Then in 2005, something BIG happened. Monarch Roofing INC was born!

Monarch Roofing Inc was born just before the infamous hurricane season in 2005, when superstorms Katrina and Wilma hit Florida, keeping them busy for years! From that point on roofing had become a family profession, in a few years time that newborn son would become the company President earning his Florida State certified Roofing Contractor and General Contractor licenses to operate the business for the future generations of the Huipio family.

Today, 30 years after his introduction to roofing, Samuel is a pioneer in his community, teaching his skills to new laborers, and he continues to work and supervise projects with his son Victor Alfonso Huipio. Although he may be one of the most accomplished roofers of his time, he claims his greatest accomplishment is being a father, and a family man.

Our Mission

Our Creed

Build with Integrity. As your contractor you are entrusting us with your project. That includes the safety and protection of your property. For over 14 years we have served our community faithfully. There is no reason to with hold information, even bad news, from each other. When you build a company foundation with honesty, and set expectations prior to signing any contract, you are really setting the tone for the life of the project. We don't advertise the best price. We offer the best service!

Our Mission

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Our Mission Statement

Roofing can be complicated. Our job is to make it simple! A lot of homeowners and property managers get discouraged when they discover how complex and expensive it can be to buy a new roof or start a renovation project. We always encourage the client to get 3 bids so they have a ball-park figure on the cost of the project, however, not all bids are offering the same services. Although we make no guarantee on beating the best price, we offer the best guidance possible to achieve total satisfaction. This is a BIG project on your property, make sure it's done right and with care. 


Conveniently, we offer all types of services to make any project easily manageable. With Monarch Roofing & Construction you can rest assured with one company taking charge of all your renovation needs. Depending on what you need, we can sit down and plan the project and provide you with an estimate on the cost. Typically any renovation starts with the roof and works its way down. Give us a call at (954) 426-8050 for your free consultation.