When choosing roofing materials, it is important to consider their quality, durability, and if it’s eco-friendly. These features contribute to the roof’s longevity, how much you benefit from the roofing construction, and the impact your building will have on the environment. However, several roofing brands produce different materials with unique properties and designs. So, below are the top 5 environmentally friendly roofing materials that can be used for roofing construction depending on the architectural designs of your house.

1.    Cool Roofs

A popular environmentally friendly roofing option is the cool roof. The cool roof is designed to have a combination of white-colored glue and gravel, making the reflection of sun rays possible. The roof allows little or no heat penetration into the house, causing a cooling effect.

Unlike traditional roofs, cool roofs last longer and are more energy-efficient. Hence, they are fine examples of Deerfield’s shingle roof options.

2.    Shingle Roofs

If you value classic roofing appearance, then asphalt shingle roofs should be your best option. They are very eco-friendly because they are made with wood and can be recycled and used in homes. However, shingle roofs are more expensive than other roofing materials, especially in areas where wood mills are less accessible.

Apart from installing new roofs, you can also use the shingle roofs when you need to re-roof your building. Asphalt shingle companies like Monarch Roofing & construction in Deerfield are a perfect choice for re-roofing.

3.    Metal Roofs

Metal roofing materials are quite affordable and environmentally friendly. Such roofs are made with new or recycled metals in different styles and alloys. In addition, metal roofing sheets can reflect the sun’s rays, reducing the heat generated in your home. As a result, it reduces dependency on air conditioning, leading to a significant decrease in energy bills. Metal roofs are cheap to install and can be well mounted by qualified and trained Deerfield roofers.

4.    Slate Tiles Roofing

Slate tiles are a good roofing option that has low costs, varied designs, and are made with green materials. These roofing materials have styles and designs with a traditional appearance, giving your home that classic-modern look. In addition, they are fire-resistance and can be used for decades, even up to a century. Slate tiles are difficult to repair and replace. A Deerfield beach roof repair expert can be of help.

5.    Clay Tiles Roofing

Another environmentally friendly roofing material is clay tiles. Like slate tiles, they are available in various designs and can be used reliably. More so, they are energy-efficient, allowing proper circulation of heat. They can be easily replaced when broken but will require the expertise of good roofing contractors because of the weight of the tiles.


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