Molds are usually an eye-sore on the building walls and roofs. It occurs mostly in humid and rainy weather, creating an ideal condition for algae and moss to thrive. In addition, allowing molds to go unchecked for a very long time can cause damage to your roof in the long run. Hence, seeking ways to remove mold from your roof is essential.

Molds are botanical plants like lichens, mosses, algae, and fungi. An overgrowth of these molds on the roof can cause the roofing materials to remain damp, promoting rot and wear out. Algae usually look slimy and green/black, while mosses are simple plants that accumulate in moist environments.

On the other hand, lichens occur due to fungi-algae interaction, causing gradual damage to the roof. Therefore, an early maintenance routine from Deerfield Beach roof repair experts can help you.

Although there are many ways to remove molds from the roof, let us consider 5 tips to serve as a guide when eliminating molds.


1.    Safety First

In every work, safety should always come first. In the same way, when removing molds from your roofs, be sure to put on personal protective equipment (PPE), like helmets, gloves, goggles, and nose covers, to give maximum protection from falls and chemicals. Alternatively, hiring Deerfield roofers specializing in mold removal would be best for an easy, safe, and proper job.


2.    Use the Suitable Hose and Nozzle for Water Spraying

A Garden hose and nozzle are an excellent alternative to power washers when removing molds. Water is vital to remove molds permanently. However, you should use the best practical tool to avoid damage to your Shingle roof in Deerfield or nearby.


3.    Use Bleach-Water Solution

The bleach-water solution will help remove the molds in a gentle form. For algae, spray the roof with a water and bleach solution, leave it for about 1 hour, then rinse.


4.    Try Other Cleaning Reagents

The bleach-water solution may not work in all cases. If that is the case with your roofing condition, you should try other reagents like trisodium phosphate. Just one cup of the reagent (trisodium phosphate) should be mixed with a gallon of water and sprayed where required.


5.    Ensure to Use the Right Cleaning Solution

Several cleaning chemicals are available in the market, some of which may be delicate and sensitive to use without prior knowledge of handling and may even cause roof damage that may cost you to re-roof. Hence, be sure to read the labels to know the one that suits your roof best and can be best applied to remove molds from the roof.

Employing the services of the best roofers in Broward County or surrounding areas can guide you on the proper cleaning solutions for mold removal.


Keep Your Roof Free from Molds

Waterproofing your roof is an excellent way to prevent the pool of water and moisture, automatically erasing the growth of molds. But, more importantly, getting specialized help from top roofing companies can guarantee long-lasting results. Contact Monarch Roofing & Construction for a roof inspection and evaluation today.