Monarch Roofing and Construction is one of the leading roofing companies in Deerfield Beach, Florida. We take pride in providing our customers with customized roofing solutions that speak of expert installation and premium materials. Our excellent work has earned a good reputation within South Florida for commercial and residential roofing for over seventeen years.

Do you have a renovation, roofing, or new construction project? Contact our specialists who will be happy to take you through our services from start to finish.

Your Deerfield Beach Roofing Is In Great Hands

Our happy customers include homeowners and project managers from Palm Coast to Miami. We are your go-to experts for roofing. Choosing us is giving yourself peace of mind that your roofing project isn’t another thing on your list of worries. We render a broad range of roofing services from our passionate and highly skilled technicians.

  • Roof repairs

We inspect your roof to determine the kinds of repairs needed, and only when necessary do we take our clients through the trouble of a whole replacement. Our quality services consider the purpose and location of your structure for the best services. The most common repairs are associated with leaks, which may cause further deterioration to your roof and foundation if left unattended.

  • Roof assembly

If your roofing system requires more than a few patches, our roof replacement services have you covered. Our top-notch roof assembly begins with the roof deck, although this is not a part of the roof system. Our commercial roof decks often utilize gypsum, cementitious wood fiber, and lightweight concrete due to the unlimited exposure to harsh elements. We take a keen interest in laying a solid foundation for your roof’s future. With us, your roof has a bright and more extended future ahead!

  • Roof inspection

Before we get hands-on, we conduct a detailed inspection of your roof to determine the extent of damages. We also present the available solutions to make an informed decision that you won’t regret.

  • Shingle roofing

There are many shingles in the market, and we do more than tell you what’s suitable for your circumstances. We ensure that it will complement the aesthetics of your structure. We only source for the highest quality shingle colors and designs and give our clients a wide array of options with stain-resistance and low maintenance properties. Most importantly, you should never underestimate a few damaged shingles that may need restoration. It only worsens with time, affecting other parts of the structure through leaks.


Why Choose Monarch Roofing And Construction For Your Roofing Needs?

  • State certified roofing contractor

We are licensed to serve the Florida area by law. You can trust us to deliver roofing services that are conversant with the local coding laws. Our priority lies in fostering the safety of your building at all costs. We are also certified General contractors in Deerfield Beach FL, to take care of all your building needs, from the foundation to the roofing system.

  • Comprehensive insurance

We choose our staff diligently and can vouch for their skills and expertise. Still, our customers can rest assured that we will buffer them against any losses with our liability and workers’ compensation policies if anything goes amiss.

  • Extensive experience

We have worked with many clients across South Florida, ensuring that we meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We handle commercial and residential roofing, focusing on erecting structures that withstand the tests of time and offer great value for your money.

  • Fair prices

We understand how building projects can quickly get costly and pride ourselves in offering affordable roofing and construction that don’t compromise quality. We offer written estimates and never incorporate any hidden costs and work within your budget constraints.

  • Warrantees

While we focus on meeting your project’s deadline, our work continues to speak for us for years to come. Still, we offer warranties for our roofing projects based on the materials used. You can get in touch with us for more information.


Searching for residential or commercial roofing or construction services?

You can trust Monarch Roofing and Construction to deliver high-quality and durable installations. We are a certified and insured company that prioritizes safety in all our projects.